Hesburgh Libraries offers new services to build digital media skills


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Hesburgh Libraries and the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning have launched two new service platforms, Remix and Media Corps, to help faculty, staff and students build multimedia skills and promote teaching and learning with digital media.

Remix is a website that features step-by-step guides for multimedia projects and a showcase of student works. Media Corps, created in partnership with the Office of Information Technologies, is a team of undergrad coaches who consult on Remix projects and help the campus community learn how to capture, edit and produce digital media. Together, these services are designed to address the increasing demand for developing advanced multimedia skills in today’s digital world.

Remix Overview

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Remix.nd.edu is an online teaching and learning platform that features student projects in four essential media literacy categories: images, audio, video and data. The Remix website has a two-tiered approach designed to meet the growing demands of faculty and students. It is a teaching tool to help faculty better understand, adopt and evaluate specific multimedia project assignments. It is also a guide for students to help them plan and complete multimedia projects as well as build core digital literacy skills.

The dynamic, open-access platform is organized into four sections:

  • Showcase: Get inspired by this portfolio of completed Remix projects.
  • Media 101: Review the building blocks of multimedia literacy. 
  • Projects: Get step-by-step instructions for multimedia assignments.
  • Help: Find additional resources for assignment creation and skill building.

For more information about Remix, email Randy Harrison.

Media Corps Overview

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The Media Corps is a student coaching team that is specially trained to support faculty, staff and students who are creating projects with video, audio, images, or data. Current consultation examples include:

  • How to capture digital media: Learn to operate camera, recording, and video equipment; plan visual design, composition and lighting.
  • How to edit digital media: Learn software creation and editing programs; explore digital storytelling tools; find shareable sources for images, music and video.
  • How to produce digital media: Learn to plan all phases of your project and the various ways to publish online; find related campus resources.

Media Corps coaches are available to answer questions or offer guidance in-person Sunday through Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in 256 Hesburgh Library. Faculty, staff and students can walk-in or book a consultation.

For more information about Media Corps, email Randy Harrison.