FIM and ND Studios hold inaugural student worker showcase


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Dan Worthington, FIM supervising producer, shows students around the studio. In photo at
the top of the page is Rob Kelly, senior associate athletic director of media, brand and
athletics digital media, gives students a tour of the press box.

On Sunday, Feb. 16, Fighting Irish Media and Notre Dame Studios held their first ever student worker showcase at the Martin Media Center. The four-hour event highlighted new job opportunities for student employees, and allowed them to explore the many possibilities by learning from members of the Fighting Irish Media (FIM) and ND Studios staff.

The showcase served as a roll-out of the six different tracks that will be available to students starting in Fall 2020: Live Production Broadcasting, Field Production, Post Production, Communications and Design and Innovation and Engineering. Each track offers an area of focus to fit each student’s passion and provide structured job training and guidance.

“The first Fighting Irish Media and ND Studios Student Worker Showcase was a great success,” says Jaye Galloway, FIM’s director of media operations, programming and strategy. “We are excited about continuing our partnership with ND Studios while we unify and grow our student employee program.

Live Production covers the necessary skills, equipment and positions for a standard broadcast/video board production as it pertains to Notre Dame Studios and Fighting Irish Media. Examples of live production events include broadcasts on ESPN, video board productions and live performances at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.

Post-Production covers the skills necessary to bring a project from the completion of a shoot to delivery of the final video. Projects could include editing hype videos, student-athlete features and game highlights.

Communications encompasses connecting student-athletes and teams with the media and their fans through online and print content, social media, statistics and game day responsibilities. Student workers for athletics communications have the opportunity to assist with events across all sports, create content to promote our student-athletes and teams, as well as work with the media. 

Innovation and Design covers motion graphics, graphic design and creative development. This track emphasizes not just making things look good, but determining how everything works together to solve a problem.

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Zach Dudka, videographer/producer with Marketing Communications, and Dan Worthington,
with FIM, explain the studio equipment and technology to students.

Field Production covers the necessary skills, equipment and positions for a standard production as it pertains to Notre Dame Studios and Fighting Irish Media. It covers camera, lighting and sound. As opposed to live production, these projects could include shooting game footage, studio productions and on-location events to be used in video projects.


Engineering covers all engineering and technical support for the televised and live stream production of events across campus. Members of this track will have an opportunity to work with technology that is leading the way into the future of broadcasting.

Representatives from the corresponding departments of FIM and ND Studios led two 50-minute presentations for each track over the course of the showcase. Students could choose to attend the presentations for the tracks that interested them the most, giving them an opportunity to learn from people with first-hand professional experience and ask any questions they had about working in these new roles.

It was a successful showcase premiere that built excitement for the future of FIM/ND Studios student employees as they will now have a greater chance than ever to design a working experience uniquely suited to their goals and interests.