February new employees


The University welcomes the following employees who began work in February:

Issachar Aboagye and Cheyenne A. Pelis, Morris Inn
Charles E. Allen, Office of Sustainability
Kevin P. Allen and Amanda A. Perry, Law School
Brandon M. Blount and Mark Morrell, Center for Culinary Excellence
Gabriel J. Campbell, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Kayla N. Campbell and Sharon Wilkes, Custodial Services
Xinping Chen and Katherine A. Coleman, Biological Sciences
Steve Cheng and Kristian T. Lee, North Dining Hall
Aaron R. Coeling, Robert D. Jones, Tyler M. Santucci and Ryan T. Sehrer, Football
Kathleen E. Cover, Career Center
Brenda L. Harrington, Payroll Services
Amy L. Hoffman, Center for Study of Languages and Cultures
Aubrey K. Jean and Jordan V. Webb, Varsity Strength and Conditioning
Anna Johnson and Jennifer L. Speary, Office of Campus Safety
Kimberly A. Kolk, Office of Housing
Sean L. McPherson, Turbomachinery Facility
Margaret M. McVeigh, Theology
Jessica E. Millen, ESTEEM
Andre S. Moore, Food Services, Holy Cross House
Grace L. Morrison, Alumni Association
John J. Nyerges, Fire Protection
Terron J. Phillips, Executive Education
Yanbing Qi, Office of Digital Asset Management
Swapna Krishnakumr Radha, Center for Research Computing
Bryan K. Ritchie, Office of the Provost