February 2020 New Employees


The University welcomes the following employees who began work in February:


Danielle J. Bartkowiak, Office of Human Resources

Fei Cheng, Electrical Engineering

Gregory S. Clyde, Associate VP Undergraduate Enrollment

Scottie H. Ewing, Custodial Services

Anita B. Fuentes, Custodial Services

Olivia L. Gonzales, St. Michael's Laundry

Kara A. Gustafson, Freimann Animal Care Facility

Bruce Hammond, University Network & Telephony Services

Santhosh Kumar Lakkaraju, Marketing and Communications

Thomas P. Mavity, Police

John J. McNulty, Football - Operations

Michael Mickens, Football - Operations

Sean O’Hara, Joyce Center

Damon D. Phillips, University Catering

Olivia M. Rosenberg, Parking Services

Amy T. Ryan, TRIO Programs

Callee G. Stirn, Athletics Digital Media

Christopher M. Torres, Collaborative IT Services

Christopher D. Watt, Football - Operations

Thomas Eichman, University Enabling Technology Services