Enroll in Okta—the New Two Step Login Service Before July 29


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The University will transition to a new two step login service called Okta this summer. It will replace the current login screen and Duo services that allow you to access ND services like Gmail, Google Apps, InsideND, Sakai, Box, etc.

All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to enroll in Okta before it goes live on Monday, July 29 to ensure immediate access to ND services including Gmail, Google Apps, Sakai, Box, etc.

Once you have successfully enrolled in Okta, no further action on your part is needed. You will continue to use Duo, the current two step login process, until July 29.

The Okta service will help increase the security of individual accounts and Notre Dame’s information. Not only does it provide additional security features to help keep the University’s data and your information secure, it also offers these benefits:


  • Additional options for using two step login: There are additional ways to be notified in Okta for your second verification step. These include the Okta Verify app, text message call, voice call, Google Authenticator app and a security key. You can choose any of these as your preferred methods of contact. Be sure to choose at least two options in case one of your devices is unavailable.

  • Self-service password reset: Once you’ve enrolled in Okta, you can change your account password at any time in your Okta account. Your new password must be a minimum of 16 characters. Instructions are available at: ntrda.me/oktapasswordreset.

  • Alerts for changes made to your ND account: You will receive an email notification alerting you anytime a change is made to your account (i.e., password change or any change in your preferred devices, etc.). Okta will also alert you when it detects unusual login patterns to your ND account.

Additional information, including how to enroll in Okta, is available at: oit.nd.edu/okta.

If you have questions about Okta enrollment, please contact your departmental IT support staff, or the OIT Help Desk at 574-631-8111, oithelp@nd.edu or chat online at: help.nd.edu.

Originally published by Lenette Votava at oit.nd.edu on June 07, 2019.