Enhance Your Well-Being While Working Remotely


Working From Home

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The Office of Human Resources reminds faculty and staff that the well-being of employees is HR's highest priority, and the University continues to closely monitor the risks of the coronavirus pandemic. During these exceptionally stressful times, HR wants to make sure you are aware of resources available to you as part of our comprehensive benefits. The hope is that you are able to utilize these resources to help you enhance your well-being while working remotely. These include medical resources, as well as other resources to support your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being.


Medical Resources

  • Sign Up for LiveHealth Online (telehealth). By signing up for LiveHealth Online, you can consult a board-certified doctor via your phone, tablet or computer from the comfort of your home, minimizing the risk of exposure to yourself and others. Doctors are available 24/7 to evaluate your symptoms, help you understand if you’re at risk for COVID-19 and tell you if you need to visit a local health care provider in person. Video visits with primary care doctors are free of charge through June 14, 2020.
  • Continue to Use the Notre Dame Wellness Center and Pharmacy. The Notre Dame Wellness Center is operating on adjusted hours and offering only telehealth services. Call 634-WELL (9355) to schedule a telehealth appointment. Additionally, the pharmacy is operating as a drive-thru only pharmacy.

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Financial Well-Being Resources

  • Take Advantage of Emergency Backup Care Subsidized Services. The Bright Horizons Back-Up Care program continues to provide short-term child and elder care services with a University-subsidized co-payments. Additionally, their website offers resources to support parents and caregivers, ideas about learning at home activities, book and educational apps/websites recommendations and health and safety considerations for children and elders.
  • Find Free and Local Reduced-Cost Programs Providing COVID-19 Support. Aunt Bertha is a social care network that connects people and programs – making it easy for people to find social services in their communities. Find COVID-19 emergency support, food, housing, job training, transportation and more by visiting https://anthembcbs.auntbertha.com/ and entering your zip code.
  • Manage Your Retirement Accounts with Fidelity Retirement Planners. Retirement Planners are available online for one-on-one guidance appointments to review finding the right investment mix to suit your needs, investing to achieve your long-term goals, the advantages of saving through the University’s 403(b) Plan, designating a beneficiary and turning retirement savings into ongoing income. Schedule an appointment by calling 877-963-0242 or schedule online at netbenefits.com/nd.
  • Navigate the Market’s Volatility More Confidently by Attending a Fidelity Webinar. With the market’s recent downturns, you may be concerned about the retirement savings you have worked so hard to build. By attending this webinar, you will get answers to the following questions: Should I change how I’m invested to something less risky? Should I move to cash right now? How do I pull my money out of the market? Why should I put more into my retirement savings plan?

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Emotional Well-Being Resources

  • Consult with a Wellness Coach at the Notre Dame Wellness Center. The Notre Dame Wellness Center Wellness Coaches can help you identify lifestyle issues and make positive changes in all aspects of your health and well-being. If you’re looking to reduce stress, be happier and healthier, stop smoking, lose weight, improve your resilience or sleep, schedule an over the phone coaching session today by calling 574-631-2366.
  • Speak to Someone About the Personal and Family Challenges You’re Going Through with our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Lifeworks. By contacting LifeWorks, faculty and staff can speak to an EAP consultant to receive professional, experienced guidance to receive support on a wide range of issues, or referrals to resources, services and support groups in the community. Employees may contact LifeWorks at their own discretion with the knowledge that their contact will be maintained in confidence.
  • Attend a Webinar About Maintaining Emotional Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic. This 25-minute webinar sponsored by LifeWorks explains why outbreaks affect our emotional health and provide practical suggestions and tips to cope with anxiety and talk to your children and family.
  • Find Support for a Wide Variety of Topics Related to COVID-19 Through the COVID-19 Toolkit from LifeWorks (EAP). This newly created toolkit from LifeWorks, our Employee Assistance Program, provides support for a wide variety of topics related to COVID-19. These include: What is COVID-19? Managing Concerns and Anxieties Around Infectious Diseases, Protecting Yourself and Others, COVID-19 in the Workplace, Coping with Loneliness, Financial Worry and Maintaining Your Mental Well-Being. User ID: notredame Password: gond

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Physical Well-Being Resources

  • Take An On-Demand Fitness Class for Free with Wellbeats from RecSports. RecSports has partnered with Wellbeats to gain access to the same on-demand fitness classes that we offer in our Private Fitness Studios in the Smith Center for Recreational Sports. Unlimited streaming access to Wellbeats on-demand fitness is available now through April 30! Click here for more info.
  • Recharge, Refresh and Improve Your Mood using myStrength. myStrength is an online tool to help you live your best life. You’ll find help for stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and more. It’s safe, secure and personalized – just for you. Track your health, enjoy activities, and become inspired. Start today!

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Spiritual Well-Being Resources

  • Receive Spiritual Support from our Campus Chaplains. Notre Dame is committed to providing spiritual, faith and pastoral support to its faculty and staff regardless of faith orientation or church affiliation. Staff may email Rev. Jim Bracke, C.S.C. or call him at 574-631-4131. Faculty may email Rev. Frank Murphy, C.S.C. or call him at 574-631-5242.

Originally published by Office of Human Resources at hr.nd.edu on April 16, 2020.