Education benefits among Notre Dame's best employee benefits


Benita Ramirez

The University offers generous educational benefits to full-time faculty, staff, retirees, spouses and their eligible dependents. 

“In particular, tuition assistance for children is a unique benefit that has helped many families to save thousands of dollars toward children’s higher education at Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s and other colleges and universities across

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the country,” says Kevin Mospan, benefits program manager in Human Resources.

Dependents of regular, full-time faculty and of staff members who have completed at least five consecutive years of full-time employment are eligible for benefits toward a bachelor’s degree at any accredited college or university. The portable benefit for employees’ children (as full-time students) to use at colleges other than Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s is the cost of tuition and mandatory fees of the institution, limited to 50 percent of Notre Dame’s tuition.

With college-age triplets, Benita Ramirez, a cook in North Dining Hall, says the benefit has been a great help. “Without it I don’t think I would have been able to send all three girls to college. Thank God for Notre Dame. It’s very hard (work), but at the end it will be worthwhile for their future.”

The University also supports a number of scholarships and tuition remission programs to help faculty, staff, retirees and spouses meet their personal and professional goals. Angel Zambrano, a financial analyst with Accounting and Financial Services, is using the benefit to work toward a master’s degree through the Mendoza College of Business. 

“As someone who is relying almost entirely on student loans to fulfill my dream of obtaining a Master of Science in Business Analytics, I am beyond grateful to have the financial backing of the tuition benefit. Without it, I may not have been able to make the program work from an economic point of view,” Zambrano said.

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This fall, the Office of Human Resources will host informational sessions on educational benefits for children of eligible faculty and staff. Look for more information on these sessions soon. 

The Mendoza College of Business will offer informational meetings on its offerings at noon on Thursday, Oct. 11, in the Stayer Center. 


Photo: Benita Ramirez, second from left, is pictured with her triplet daughters Eva, Esmeralda and Elizabeth. The young women are studying nursing, nutrition and speech pathology. They’ve used the benefit at Holy Cross College, IUSouth Bend and Saint Mary’s College.