Do you know how to report an unsafe condition?


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Over the past year, faculty and staff have reported nearly 300 unsafe conditions across campus. By taking a moment to share what they have seen, these colleagues may have prevented others from being injured.

A few months ago, a faculty member noticed that ornamental grass outside of the Compton Family Ice Arena was blocking the view of drivers turning in to the parking lot. Someone else noticed broken glass in the stadium parking lot, and others reported seeing a driver pass the Notre Dame shuttle bus while en route on campus. While none of these situations caused an accident or injury, they each had the potential to cause harm, and Risk Management and Safety was able to address each of these situations as soon as they were reported. A red sign stating, “Do Not Pass Bus” was added to the back of the shuttle; the excessive ornamental grass was removed near Compton; and the broken glass was quickly cleaned up.

Slips, trips and falls are the most common type of injury on campus, followed by cuts and strains. You can contribute to decreasing those numbers by keeping an eye out for trip hazards and other potentially dangerous situations on campus. When you see something, share what you have noticed either on Risk Management’s website or through the ND Mobile app. On the bottom of every page of the app is a link titled, “Report a Hazard.” Users can fill out the form to report a safety concern, share a safety suggestion, and submit a photo, if they choose.

Read more about the online tool to report an injury or a good catch.

Chart compares injuries from 2018 to 2019, from slips and falls being the highest to cuts or punctures, burns, caught in between, and the lowest being repetitive motion. Most injuries are lower for 2019.
Comparison of injuries at Notre Dame in 2018 and 2019.


Originally published by Marissa Gebhard at on March 05, 2020.