​​​​​​​Do you know how to report an unsafe condition or an accident?

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Risk Management & Safety has recently developed an online Incident Reporting tool. You can use this tool to report an injury, damage to University property, a hazardous material incident, or an unsafe condition where any of these situations could have happened, also known as a “near miss.”

The Incident Reporting tool provides a single location for you to inform Risk Management and Campus Safety about a safety-related event. Designed to streamline reporting, the Incident Reporting tool on the Risk Management website allows you to report a wide variety of campus incidents. You will answer a few preliminary questions to define the type of event, and then complete the appropriate form.

In the event of an injury, you will complete the Safety Incident reporting form that captures critical information about what happened. The form may be completed by a supervisor, the injured employee, or other witness and should be submitted as soon as possible following the incident and should include as much detail as possible regarding what happened.

You will be directed to use the Good Catch (Near Miss) form to report unplanned events that did not result in injury, illness or damage, but had the potential to do so. This form may also be used to report conditions which are likely to cause an injury (e.g. hole in a sidewalk, traffic sign missing) and should be addressed. Every form that is submitted is reviewed and there are actions taken to remedy the reported concern.

By providing a singular pathway to report safety concerns, these tools offer not only an efficient way for informing RMS of safety concerns, but also a vital link for faculty and staff to be involved in shaping our culture of safety on campus.


Originally published by Eric Doland, Randy Crist and Marissa Gebhard at evp.nd.edu on December 06, 2018.