December 2018 service anniversaries


The University congratulates those celebrating significant service anniversaries in December.

40 years

Jay A. LaVerne, Radiation Laboratory


35 years

Robert L. Allen, Vending


30 years

Marcy L. Simons, Hesburgh Libraries


25 years

Karla R. Roe-Pallo, Cafe De Grasta


20 years

Eulah Adams, Food Services, Holy Cross House

Stefan G. Frauendorf, Physics

Ryan L. Schafer, Fire Protection

Michele R. Shaw, Hesburgh Libraries

Susan A. Walczewski, Payroll Services


15 years

William E. Bruckert, Customer IT Solutions

Drew B. Buscareno, Office of VP—University Relations

Cynthia Stokes, Athletic Administration


10 years

Heather L. DeCourval, Mendoza Graduate Business Programs

Gregory W. Endicott, Political Science

Charles F. Farrell, Utilities—Operations

Ernestine J. Gardner and Brent A. Henningfeld, Development

John Hartman, Customer IT Solutions

Scott A. Lamb, User Services

Matthew T. McCubbins, Human Resources

April K. Neukam, Psychology

Lenette Votava, User Services