December 2021 New Employees


The University welcomes the following staff who began work in December:

Linda A. Aldendifer, Maria G. Coria, Doris E. Owler, Mathew J. Peloquin, Sybria R. Porter, Anthony Singleton and Raeann N. Thomson, Custodial Services

Cody R. Ballinger, Student Activities

Casey W. Buck, Rachel M. Myers, Beth A. Pritchard and Jami L. Radcliff, Development

Laura Cervantes, Kellogg Institute

Peter J. Collins, Athletics

Spencer M. Dant, OIT

Kimberly A. Early, Philosophy

Cristal I. Garcia, Food Services—Moreau Seminary

Mya C. Garcia, Holy Cross College Siegfried Dining Hall

Jesus I. Hernandez Chavez, North Dining Hall

David E. Jenkins, Financial Aid

Michael K. Kennel, Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society

Valerie G. McCance, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Rickey L. Parker and Karlisa L. Woods, South Dining Hall

Ryan Rivard, Turbomachinery Facility

Brendan A. Roth, Women’s Soccer

Veronica Vos, Kroc Institute