Grace Parking Lot sidewalk project to make crossing streets safer


Img 7202

Img 7196This is the path that takes pedestrians from the circle in front of Grace Hall straight north to Stepan Center. This will soon be the only crosswalk for pedestrians to use in front of Grace Hall. Two new sidewalks will take pedestrians from the Grace lot to this path when the sidewalk project is completed in July.  

Two of the three sidewalks to and from the Grace Hall Parking Lot will be closed from June 3 through July 12 for a concrete project. (See map.) The sidewalks at the northwest and southwest corners of the parking lot will be removed and realigned. The new paths will lead pedestrians from the Grace lot to the sidewalk that runs between the Stepan Center (to the north) to the circle drive in front of Grace and Flanner Halls (to the south).


Img 7200This path on the southwest end of the Grace lot, and the one on the northwest end, will be removed and realigned. 

The project is intended to correct a safety concern. Currently, the sidewalks from the parking lot lead pedestrians to consider crossing Stepan Drive or Holy Cross Drive where there either is not a crosswalk or the crosswalk is unsafe. There are presently two crosswalks along Holy Cross Drive to Grace Hall. The one closest to the North Gate will be eliminated.


A total of eight parking spaces along the west side of the Grace lot will be inaccessible during the five-week period. Four are reserved spots which will be relocated to open spots in that same area. The manager of parking and traffic will be in touch with those who lease the spots so they are aware.