Circle drive behind Main Building closed July 8-20


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The circle drive north of Main Building (Sorin Drive) will be closed for two weeks, beginning Monday, July 8. The planned closure is due to utilities work that must be completed in preparation for the Brownson Hall Replacement Project. Click to see the map illustrating the project area.

Between July 8 and 20, drivers will not be able to drop off people in the circle drive. The campus shuttle route will be adjusted since one of the stops is in the circle. Reserved parking for administrators, east of the circle drive, will remain accessible via Sorin Drive. Parking will be available between Lewis Hall and Brownson Hall as illustrated on the project map (link above). 

Due to the work, there will be momentary electrical outages to some of the buildings near the Main Building. The Utilities Department will work with building managers to coordinate outage times to minimize the impact on occupants of the following buildings:

  • Main Building
  • St. Edward's Hall
  • Zahm Hall
  • Brownson Hall
  • St Liam Hall
  • Sara Bea Learning Center/Mail & Laundry Distribution Center

There will also be a related electrical outage for the Main Building and St. Edward's Hall on Saturday, July 13.