Child/Elder Care Community Google Group connects faculty, staff, graduate students


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At the recommendation of the Working Group on Schools and Child/Eldercare, the University temporarily introduced and expanded a number of important benefits for full-time faculty, staff and graduate students. 

One of these benefits is the creation of the Notre Dame Child/Elder Care Community Google Group. This Google Group for faculty, staff and graduate students with an active Notre Dame email address helps members of our community exchange ideas and information on child and elder care resources and needs. 

Members of the group have exchanged information on drop-in virtual learning assistance, care centers with availability and support from a community of parents who are facing similar circumstances. 

Click to request access to the Google Group and then click the “Join Group” button at the top of the page. Please read the terms of use information below.*

If you have any questions, please contact the askHR customer service center at or 574-631-5900.

*DISCLAIMER: The Notre Dame Child/Elder Care Communication Google Group is intended and designed for users who are University of Notre Dame Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students with an active Notre Dame email. Access or use by anyone else is not authorized. The use of the Child/Elder Care Communication group, like the use of any other University-provided resource and like any other University-related activity, is subject to the normal requirements of legal and ethical behavior within the University community. Responsible, acceptable use always is ethical, reflects academic honesty, is consistent with Notre Dame’s mission and values, and shows community awareness in the consumption of shared resources. The use of the Child/Elder Care Communication group must not violate any of the terms of the Policy for the Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources.

Although the University is not responsible for the content or conduct of any user, the University reserves the right to regulate or remove content at its sole discretion. The University cannot vouch for any person offering, or providing information posted on this group page. THE UNIVERSITY MAKES NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, CONCERNING THE QUALITY OR RELIABILITY OF ITEMS PROVIDED HEREIN. Your use of this unverified information is at your own risk. Contact OIT or the Department of Human Resources regarding any problems or to report a concern.