Golden Gingerbread House on display at the Morris Inn


Gingerbread House 06

Experience Notre Dame and Three Leaf Catering Executive Pastry Chef Sinai Vespie is pulling out all of the stops this holiday season with her larger-than-life Golden Gingerbread House.

The house, currently on display at the Morris Inn, was built by Vespie and her team. The process took roughly two months, with the team squeezing in time to work on it in between events. On the final day, the construction moved to the Morris Inn where Vespie spent six hours setting it up and finishing the fine details.

The house consists of 24 pounds of gingerbread, 25 pounds of icing and 3,360 Necco wafers. This is the second year for a gingerbread house display, and this one has its own personality.

"This year I fully left it to the team and their creativity for decorating the house, and they decided that we needed to have a pool with otters swimming in it,” Vespie said.

Be sure to visit the Morris Inn lobby this holiday season to see this year’s creation. The last day to see the gingerbread house is Jan. 8.