Celebrate Earth Day at home with Mass and this top ten list

Ndworks Earth Day Is Wednesday April 22nd

Earth Day Mass 04 21 20

The Office of Sustainability planned to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with a number of on-campus activities. For now, a virtual celebration will have to do. Here’s a “top ten” list of things to do from home to show your love for Mother Earth.

  1. Attend an online sustainability event. The Office of Sustainability will host “The State of Sustainability at Notre Dame” on Wednesday, April 22, at noon. Here’s the Zoom link. 
  2. Learn how to compost. Composting is a great way to put all of those food scraps to use. You can compost on a small-scale, or go as big as your space allows. For more information, visit the Earth Easy website.
  3. Reduce your foodprint. Learn how what you eat affects the changes in your environment by assessing your foodprint.
  4. Coordinate and host an Earth Day education campaign. Take 10 for the Planet is more than a resource for faculty. The site offers a variety of non-partisan resources, covering a wide range of topics and disciplines. 
  5. Plant a container garden. There are several fruits and vegetables designed to grow in containers and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor all summer long. The Farmer’s Almanac and the USDA websites have information.
  6. Take a virtual campus tree tour. Using the sustainability module in the Notre Dame Mobile app, simply click on the sustainability icon and then tour, where you will see the tab for our walking tree tour.
  7. Download the Earth Challenge 2020 app. By joining the global citizen science effort and inputting your information, you can have a direct impact on environmental research. For more information, visit Earth Challenge 2020.
  8. Test your knowledge by taking an Earth Day quiz. Here’s one: History Project Earth Day Quiz.
  9. Memorize an Earth Day quote. It could come in handy for trivia contests. Visit Earth Day Quotes.
  10. Watch a sustainability documentary. Did you know that your Notre Dame netID gives you access to Kanopy? There you can find hundreds of films about sustainability and the climate? See Green Learning for a list of suggestions. 

Contact the Office of Sustainability at green@nd.edu. Follow the office on  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And if you haven’t met their new office mascot, Stu, make sure to follow him on his Instagram account.