Campus Safety reminds e-scooter users of updated policy


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Prior to the start of the fall semester, Campus Safety released an update to the University’s electric scooter policy. With the assistance of campus partners, Campus Safety issued warnings through the fall 2022 semester to educate the campus community of the updated policy. 

Effective Jan. 16, 2023, e-scooters will be subject to citations, fines and/or impoundment in accordance with the Personal Electric Vehicle Policy.

As a reminder:

  • Electric scooters must be registered with the Notre Dame Police Department. Registration is free and can be accessed online or by visiting Hammes Mowbray Hall. All scooter operators must also agree and adhere to responsible use and safety guidelines.
  • Electric scooters are not allowed in hallways, stairwells or common areas of any University building. E-scooters may be stored inside residence hall rooms or private offices; however, when not in these locations, e-scooters must be parked at bike racks or other outside areas to allow safe and easy access to all buildings, including residence halls.
  • Building managers, Building Services staff, rectors, building occupants, Risk Management and Safety staff, the Fire Department, etc., may move devices that are improperly parked/stored to the nearest bike rack without risk to the University. The Notre Dame Police Department and its designees may remove locks, impound and/or cite for parking or moving violations. The University is not responsible for damage to or theft of personal electric vehicles or their accessories. 
  • Operators must yield to pedestrians in walkways and sidewalks and provide audible or hand signals when approaching or passing pedestrians. 
  • Any member of the Notre Dame community can refer a student to the Office of Community Standards or a faculty/staff member to their manager or Human Resources for unsafe operation or storage of a personal electric vehicle.
  • Electric personal assistive mobility devices are excluded from the University’s electric scooter policy.

For those choosing to operate an electric scooter during the winter months, please slow down and be cautious of snow and slush as these conditions impede steering and stopping, increasing risk of falls and injuries.