Build your career with the professional development page on the new HR site


Pro Development

The University of Notre Dame prides itself on the opportunities it offers employees for professional growth and continued career development. Whether someone is seeking to deepen their expertise and effectiveness within a competency, harness their leadership skills or continue their education, they will be able to do it all with the new professional development page on the new HR website.

Learning Outcomes

Find learning opportunities

The new professional development page offers an easier way to search and register for learning opportunities. Simply visit the new page and either search a course by name, type, intended audience, competency or category. You will then see a brief course description as well as the dates it’s being offered. If you click on the date you want, you will be taken straight to the course’s Endeavor registration page, making it easier to register than before.

Locate signature programs at a glance

Notre Dame offers quite a few signature programs, which are all now housed on one page to make them easier to see and sign up for. HR’s signature programs include required programs, various learning series, the John Affleck-Graves Excellence in Leadership Programs, the Learning at Work Academy and online learning offerings, including HR’s new partner Udemy.

Consult performance management resources

The entire Notre Dame community benefits from the personal and professional growth of each member, and it is in this spirit that the University embraces a culture of coaching and a merit-based performance review process. Visit the performance management section to learn more about HR’s approach and resources. 

Engage with consulting and organizational development offerings

It is now easier than ever for departments and divisions to learn more about the tailored programs and services the Office of Human Resources offers to meet their unique needs or address specific situations within their group. Visit the new consulting and organizational section to learn more.

We Are All Nd

Visit the new and improved Endeavor dashboard

With the new Endeavor dashboard, it is easier than ever to check in on your goals and view your past training transcripts and upcoming courses. You’ll receive more targeted support through HR’s dashboard and be able to learn about upcoming events and programs. Learn how to navigate the new and improved dashboard.

By offering unparalleled professional development to staff and faculty, the University hopes they can develop their inner champions and build their careers in an organization that fosters a culture of constant learning.

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