August service anniversaries


The University congratulates those employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in August:

40 Years

Julie A. Buck, Food Services, South Dining Hall
William S. Hedl, Security
Carmela R. Kinslow, Law Library
Pamela J. Nicholas, Hesburgh Libraries
James H. Seckinger, Law School

35 Years

Alfred J. Freddoso, Philosophy
William F. Meyer, Sports Medicine

30 Years

David P. Chodzinski, Utilities—Operations
George L. Frison, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Jeanne G. Hendricks, Development—Donor Services
Mark J. McCready, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Kevin M. Rooney, First Year of Studies

25 Years

Ani Aprahamian, Physics
D’Arcy J. Boulton, Medieval Institute
Joan F. Brennecke, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Jean A. Dibble, Art, Art History, and Design
Kevin C. Dreyer, Film, Television, and Theatre
Karmen M. Duke, English
Matthew J. Dyer and Alex A. Himonas, Mathematics
Miguel A. Franco and Leonard A. Hickman, University Counseling Center
David W. Gasperetti, German and Russian Languages and Literatures
Jimmy Gurulé and Jay H. Tidmarsh, Law School
Eric J. Jumper, Samuel Paolucci and Joseph M. Powers, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Reginald R. Kalili, Food Services, North Dining Hall
Gary A. Lamberti, Biological Sciences
Daniel P. Manier, Law School Information Technology
Shannen M. McKaskle, Morris Inn
Juan C. Migliore, Mathematics
Emma T. Owens and John L. Pierson, Custodial Services
Susan M. Penrod, First Year of Studies
Linda K. Rule and Alain P. Toumayan, Romance Languages and Literatures
Ken D. Sauer, Electrical Engineering
Rev. Timothy R. Scully, C.S.C., Institute for Educational Initiatives
Wendy H. Settle, University Counseling Center
Thomas G. Smith, School of Architecture
Martin H. Wolfson, College of Arts and Letters

20 Years

Kevin P. Cannon, Development—Advancement Services and Finance
Laura A. Carlson, Bradley S. Gibson, Dawn M. Gondoli and Anita E. Kelly, Psychology
Peter A. Cholak and Qing Han, Mathematics
Sandra D. Collins and Robert F. Easley, Management
Deborah J. Dobecki, Reckers
James L. Duncan, Vending
Mark L. Gunty, Office of Strategic Planning
Noriko Hanabusa, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Thomas A. Hanstra, Hesburgh Libraries
Gregory V. Hartland, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Peter M. Kogge, Computer Science and Engineering
Peter T. McQuillan, Irish Language and Literature
Darlene A. Mikulak, Academic and Administrative Services
Christian R. Moevs, Romance Languages and Literatures
Wendy M. Mott and ohn A. Sejdinaj, Office of VP—Finance
Paula S. Muhlherr, Center for Social Concerns
Darnell Murray, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Jennifer D. Phillips, Recreational Sports
Gretchen Reydams-Schils, Program of Liberal Studies
Steve E. Roberts, Rockne Memorial Building
Gregory L. Snider, Electrical Engineering
Maria C. Tomasula, Art, Art History, and Design
Matthew R. Uebelher, Morris Inn
Ted A. Warfield, Philosophy
Sandra A. Young, Athletic Business Office

15 Years

Carol J. Blackford, IT Administrative Services
Kevin D. Bradford and Elizabeth S. Moore, Marketing
Patrick L. Brennan, Gift Planning Administration
Anne M. Cahill Kelly, Community Based Partnerships
Sandra J. Collins, Anastasia Guimaraes, Susanna King and Belinda M. Obren, Hesburgh Libraries
Thomas C. Corke, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Edward A. Cottrell, Utilities—Operations
Samuel R. Evens, Brian C. Hall, Xiaobo Liu and Anne B. Pilkington, Mathematics
Nicole S. Garnett and Richard Garnett, Law School
J. Daniel Gezelter, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Alyssa W. Gillespie, German and Russian Languages and Literatures
Li Guo, Classics
Maureen R. Hogue, Enterprise Support Services
Jesus A. Izaguirre, Computer Science and Engineering
Julia D. Kennedy, Joyce Center Housekeeping
William A. Krusniak, Pamela K. Lolmaugh, La Kisha N. Rodgers and Lisa M. Touhey, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Jesse M. Lander, English
Jerry G. Langley, Finance
Daniel A. Lindley, Political Science
Gregory N. Luttrell and Cortney Swift, Office of Research
Maureen Marnocha, College of Arts and Letters
Joy E. McCausland, Football
Holly A. Mwachande, Café Commons (Common Stock)
Jennifer E. Nemecek, Admissions
AnnMarie R. Power and David H. Sikkink, Sociology
James K. Reabe, Planning, Design, and Construction
Anita M. Rees, Career Center
Mayra Sandoval-Cooper, Center for Transgene Research
Adam M. Sargent, Academic Services for Student-Athletes
Marisha D. Schmidt, Physical Education
Siiri S. Scott, Film, Television, and Theatre
Alan C. Seabaugh, Electrical Engineering
Michelle L. Smith and Brian E. Zbrzezny, Catering By Design
Cortney Swift, Office of Research
Greg D. Weaver, Athletics Media Relations

10 Years

Joseph J. Annoye and Julie M. Annoye, Land O’Lakes
Viva O. Bartkus and Daewon Sun, Management
Sean Carroll, Athletics Media Relations
Nitesh V. Chawla and Christian Poellabauer, Computer Science and Engineering
Jon T. Coleman, History
Christopher A. Corrente, Academic and Administrative Services
Debra M. de St. Jean, Student Organizations
Timothy J. Gilbride, Marketing
Alexandra Guisinger, Victoria T. Hui and Debra Javeline, Political Science
Scott A. Jessup, Development, Inst. and Individual Giving
Roberta A. Jordan, Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program
Keli R. Kalisik, Financial Aid
Kathryn E. Kerby-Fulton, English
Oleg V. Kim, Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Martin L. Klubeck, Information Security
Brenda Low, Legends
Idalia R. Maldonado, Institute for Latino Studies
Glenn F. Martin, Security
Christine M. Maziar, Provost Office
Valerie G. McCance, Institute for Church Life
Leslie M. Niedbalski, Security
Danilo S. Obispo, Custodial Services
Jennifer L. Parks, Food Services, North Dining Hall
Brett J. Perkins, Campus Ministry
Gerard F. Powers, Kroc Institute
Karen J. Rife, Food Services, South Dining Hall
John Stiver, Finance
Douglas L. Thain, Computer Science and Engineering
Debra A. Winnicki, Catering By Design
Huili Xing, Electrical Engineerin