August service anniversaries


The University congratulates those employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in August:

40 Years
Martin J. Ogren, Finance and Administration
Roland D. Rosander, Landscape Services
Eduardo E. Wolf, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

35 Years
Thomas Boykins, Stadium
Larry L. Grant, Compton Family Ice Arena
Louis E. Jordan, Hesburgh Libraries

30 Years
Marlene Carter, John J. Piechowicz and Debra A. Walters, Custodial Services
Christine M. Coleman, Food Services Administration
Kent Emery, Program of Liberal Studies
Christopher S. Hamlin, History
Michael L. Hardrict and Jerry L. Watson, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Paul W. Huber, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Robin L. Kramer, St. Michael’s Laundry
Ronald J. McCaster, Food Services Support Facility
Ricky A. Milliken, Locksmith
Deborah M. Smith, Biological Sciences
Timothy F. Welsh, Women’s Swimming and Diving
Frederico J. Xavier, Mathematics

25 Years
Mark S. Alber,
Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Katharine S. Barrett, Campus Ministry
Matthew J. Barrett, Law School
Cindy S. Bergeman, Psychology
Beth A. Bland, Keough Institute
Ramzi K. Bualuan, Computer Science and Engineering
Theodore J. Cachey and Giovanna Lenzi-Sandusky, Romance Languages and Literatures
Kathleen Cannon, College of Science
John C. Cavadini, Blake Leyerle, Jean Porter and Todd D. Whitmore, Theology
Linda J. Edwards, Food Services, North Dining Hall
William Ferrett, Rockne Memorial Building
Diane M. Forsythe, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Nancy M. Fulcher, Procurement Services
Benedict F. Giamo, American Studies
Edwin A. Jaroszewski, Student Media
Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., Office of the President
Ahsan Kareem, Clive R. Neal and Joannes J. Westerink, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Elizabeth F. Mazurek, Classics
Philip E. Mirowski and Kali P. Rath, Economics
Darlene S. Olmstead, Custodial Services
James S. O’Rourke, Management
Peggy Queen, Development
Kali P. Rath, Department of Economics
Georgine Resick, Music
Robert L. Stevenson, Electrical Engineering
Duncan G. Stroik, School of Architecture
Leopold Stubenberg and Paul J. Weithman, Philosophy
Frederick Taghon, Transportation Services
Carol E. Tanner, Physics
Melvin R. Tardy, First Year of Studies

20 Years
Geoffrey J. Bennett
, London Law Program
Nancy M. Bikowski, Hesburgh Program
Sarah E. Brenner, First Year of Studies
Michael J. Coppedge, Political Science
Heather R. Dover, Joyce Center Housekeeping
Kimberly J. Eldridge, Custodial Services
John M. Finnis and William K. Kelley, Law School
Liangyan Ge, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Judith E. Hygema, Mathematics
Encarnacion Juarez-Almendros and Odette M. Menyard, Romance Languages and
Sharon A. Konopka, Nanovic Institute
Rose M. Leonardo, Bookstore
Edward J. Maginn, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Collin Meissner and Vicki M. Toumayan, College of Arts and Letters
Martin Lam Nguyen, Art, Art History, and Design
Martin J. Orlowski, Fire Protection
James P. Paladino, Center for Social Concerns
Taniesha R. Perry, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Nonka E. Sevova and Olaf G.Wiest, Chemistry and Biochemistry
James Smyth, History
Ann E. Tenbrunsel, Management
Julianne C. Turner, Psychology
Peter van Inwagen, Philosophy
Marlene A. Wasikowski, Finance
Caiming Xie, Men’s Swimming

15 Years
Roderick A. Balanis
, Men’s Basketball
Kathleen A. Beaton, Career Center
Edward N. Beatty, History
Christine A. Becker, Film, Television, and Theatre
Anthony J. Bellia and Patricia L. Bellia, Law School
Susan D. Blum, Meredith S. Chesson and Ian Kuijt, Anthropology
John E. Butkovich, Gift Planning Administration
William J. Carbonaro, Sociology
Fred Coates and Troy L. Marshall, Customer IT Solutions
Donna K. Colburn, Food Services Support Facility
Maria S. Coloma, Ben A. Heller, Ivis Menes and Andrea L. Topash-Rios, Romance Languages and Literatures
Shane A. Corwin, Finance
Juan Fu, Center for Transgene Research
Thomas A. Gresik and Richard A. Jensen, Economics
Daniel G. Groody, Timothy M. Matovina and Paulinus I. Odozor, Theology
Richard K. Hind, Mathematics
Hope Hollocher, Biological Sciences
Roger D. Huang, Finance
Boldizsar Janko, Physics
Lionel M. Jensen and Chengxu Yin, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Kenwana R. Johnson and Emeteria Reyes, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Lynn S. Joy, Philosophy
J. Parker Ladwig, Hesburgh Libraries
John P. Lederach, Kroc Institute
Jennifer E. Lefever and Darcia F. Narvaez, Psychology
Patricia A. Maurice, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Laurie E. McFadden, Student Activities
Orlando R. Menes, English
Connie L. Mick, Center for Social Concerns
Jeffrey S. Miller, Accountancy
Kathleen O. Murphy, Athletics Business Office
Timothy C. Ovaert, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Pamela A. Patterson and Chris J. Przybysz, Custodial Services
Lauri Roberts, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts
Jennifer L. Tank, Biological Sciences
Stacey A. Wegner, User Services
Debra A. Wisler, Outreach Engagement Recruiting

10 Years
Ruth M. Abbey
, Political Science
Tina Arndt and Johnny L. Cotton, St. Michael’s Laundry
Kirt F. Bjork, Development
Matthew Blazejewski, Office of Executive Vice President
Kasey S. Buckles, Daniel M. Hungerman and Abigail K. Wozniak, Economics
Thomas G. Burish, Provost’s Office
Zena M. Capers, Food Service, Holy Cross House
Shania R. Carter, Jeffrey D. Hathaway, Saida Islamovic, Josie C. Jimenez and Cathy
, Custodial Services
Douglass W. Cassel, Mary E. O’Connell and Kevin O’Rear, Law School
Steven A. Corcelli, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kyle L. Demeter, Women’s Golf
Timothy W. Dolezal, Investment Office
Kenneth H. Fisk, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Marissa Gebhard, College of Science
Elizabeth A. Hogan, Archives
Jay C. Howk, Physics
Andrew D. Jones, General Services
Asher Kaufman and Linda Przybyszewski, History
Krupali A. Krusche, Ingrid D. Rowland and Steven W. Semes, School of Architecture
Mary Lynch and Ronald M. Vierling, Residence Halls Staff
Jennifer N. Martin, Program of Liberal Studies
Lori D. McDonald, Office of Research
Sean B. O’Brien, Center for Civil and Human Rights
Peter Reimers, Hesburgh Libraries
Alison Rice, Romance Languages and Literatures
Elizabeth L. Ristano, Softball
Amy Ruth, University Catering
John F. Sherry, Marketing
Sophie A. Shive, Finance
Marnie Stahl, Women’s Rowing
Nai C. Tran, Food Services, North Dining Hall
Diane R. Wagner, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering