November service anniversaries


The University congratulates those employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in November:


35 Years

Phyllis R. Campbell, Building Services

John W. Hans, Center for Culinary Excellence


30 Years

Rosie M. Mitchell, Custodial Services

Denise L. Moser, User Services


25 Years

Carol A. McIntyre, DCL Services

Robert G. Wilk, Office of Director, Maintenance


20 Years

Christopher A. Landon, Utilities Operations

Katherine Lane, Development

Thomas W. Marentette, Office of Digital Asset Management

John P. Murton, Utilities Operations

Martin S. Stone, Women’s Rowing


15 Years

Katherine Hale, Custodial Services

Karen Heed, Freimann Animal Care Facility

Joanna L. McNulty, ND Environmental Change Initiative

Laureen Poinsatte, Psychology

Shannon M. Roddel, Media Relations

Starla Ross, Psychology

Jeffrey Roth, Customer IT Solutions


10 Years

Anjan Chakravartty, Philosophy

Adam C. Hill, IT Administrative Services

Felicia R. Johnson-O’Brien, Center for Social Concerns

Melody L. Kesler, Theology

Kimberly L. Miller, Student Activities Facilities Administration

Gery M. Mullins, Army Science

Jeremiah L. Rush, South Dining Hall

J.P. Shortall, Center for Social Concerns

Denise L. Wright, Kellogg Institute for International Studies