August new employees


The University welcomes the following employees who began work in August:

Ashley Albertson, Athletics Media Relations
Karla Bellinger, Theology
Chiara Bernardini, Research Cores
Patrick Borders, Richard D. Naponelli and Taylor Rockafellow, Development
Scott M. Boyle, Institute for Church Life
Leilani A. Briel, Archives
Calisha Brooks, Terri Duck and Weiyang Xie, University Counseling Center
Madeline P. Casanova, Student Development and Welfare
Joachim E. Castellano, Center for Study of Language and Culture
Megan J. DePrimio and Janna B. Hughes, Athletics Marketing
Kenton Elworth and Justine A. Morneau, Recreational Sports
Marianne T. FitzGerald, Office of VP–Mission Engagement
Mario S. Diaz, Joshua O. Freeman and Alicia Yamamoto, Sports Medicine
Mason Graddock, Compton Family Ice Arena Administration
Tiffany Griffin, Marketing Communications
Phillip A. Gulis, Brian D. Hughes, Daniel J. Marco and Julie M. Wilson, Morris Inn
Nichole Herr, Freimann Animal Care Facility
Christine Holst, Law School Career Development Office
Matthew E. Hovde, C.S.C., Residence Halls Staff
Dennis M. Kline, Joyce Center Housekeeping
Andrea Lafnitzegger, Jiwon Min and Brendan Whitney, Psychology
Ashley L. Lunford, Multicultural Student Programs and Services
Katherine E. Mattie, Athletics Digital Media
Linnea Minnema, Office of Research
Lillian Nguyen, Graduate Business Career Services, Mendoza College of Business
Jessica E. Nickrand, Reilly Center
Kari Oliver, Football
Elisabeth A. O’Toole, Lab for Economic Opportunities
Spencer J. Pullins, Joyce Center Equipment Room
Ryan P. Retartha, Performing Arts Administrative
Tracy R. Rodriguez, University Health Services
Tiffanie Sammons, Center for Zebrafish Research
Steven Schneider, Customer IT Solutions
Mark J. Seamon, Zahm Society of Merit Scholars
Andrew C. Strouse, Huddle
Rachel Thiel, Kellogg Institute
Daniel Williams, Radiation Laboratory
Mark H. Willkom, Basilica of the Sacred Heart
Mark A. Witte, Teaching and Learning Technologies
Julia A. Yoder, Special Events and Protocol, Development