August and September Service Anniversaries


50 Years

Cornelius F. Delaney,



45 Years

James L. Wittenbach,



40 Years

Cheryl L. Copley, Chemistry

and Biochemistry

Julia F. Knight, Mathematics

William F. McKinney,

Accounting Operations

David N. Ricchiute,


Kenneth F. Ripple, Law


John H. Van Engen, History

Shirley M. Wise, Bookstore


35 Years

Deborah A. Bang, Freimann

Animal Care Facility

David M. Betson, Economics

and Policy Studies

Michael C. Brownstein, East

Asian Languages and Cultures

Noreen Deane-Moran, English

JoAnn DellaNeva and

Maria R. Olivera-Williams,

Romance Languages and


Thomas P. Flint, Philosophy

Nasir Ghiaseddin, Analytics

and Operations IT

Richard L. Gray, Art,

ArtHistory and Design

Eugene W. Halton, Sociology

Cynthia L. Hansen,

Service Center

Yih-Fang Huang, Electrical


Suzanne Kowalski,

Shared Services

Eric L. Kuehner, Alexander

G. Lappin, Patricia G.

Laskowski and Anthony S.

Serianni, Chemistry and


Wanda L. Marshall,

South Dining Hall

Clark Power, Program of

Liberal Studies

David F. Ruccio and

Jennifer L. Warlick, College of

Arts and Letters

Steven A. Srmek,

Rolfs Aquatic Center

Ting-Kin David Yeh,

Mendoza IT


30 Years

Sunny K. Boyd,

Biological Sciences

Steven A. Buechler, Applied

Computational Mathematics

and Statistics

Hsueh-Chia Chang, Chemical

and Biomolecular Engineering

Melissa L. Conboy, Athletics

Facilities and Sports Operations

Lisa M. Cunningham,

South Dining Hall

Deborah L. Fowler,

Custodial Services

Margaret L. Giles and Karen

F. Lanser, Hesburgh Libraries

David S. Hachen, Sociology

Brenda K. Jones, Shared


Joshua B. Kaplan,

Political Science

Barbara C. Page, Security

Lisa K. Phillips, Risk

Management and Safety

Lori M. Rush, Development

Mei-Chi Shaw, Mathematics

Richard G. Sheehan, Finance

Stephen N. Smorin,

Mail Distribution

Cynthia L. Sykes, Athletics

Compliance and Legal

Jerry C. Wei, Analytics and

Operations IT



25 Years

Debra D. Acrey, Student


Aaron B. Bales and Thurston D.

Miller, Hesburgh Libraries

Gail Bederman, History

Julia M. Braungart-Rieker,


Jay B. Brockman,

College of Engineering

Sean R. Bryant, Landscape


Kathleen A. Carr,

South Dining Hall

Danny Z. Chen, Computer

Science and Engineering

Edward J. Conlon, Management

and Organization

John H. Engel, Research and

Sponsored Programs Accounting

Annette L. Feirrell, Campus

Dining — Corby House

Daniel A. Handley,

Custodial Services

Michael L. Hemler, Finance

Bradley J. Malkovsky, Theology

A. James McAdams,

Political Science

Rosanne Molenda, Financial Aid

G. Felicitas Munzel, Program of

Liberal Studies

Thomas J. Nevala,

Athletic Business Office

Hugh R. Page and Anita M.

Stratton, First Year of Studies

Susan G. Sheridan, Anthropology

Kathleen K. Speybroeck,

Equipment Room


20 Years

Nora J. Besansky, Frank H.

Collins, Kristin M. Lewis,

Jeanne Romero-Severson and

David W. Severson, Biological


Peter C. Burns, Civil and

Environmental Engineering and

Earth Sciences

John E. Conley and Paul F.

Doyle, Residence Halls Staff

Michael E. Connors and

Maxwell E. Johnson, Theology

Monica A. Cundiff, Joyce Center


Andrew B. Deliyannides and

Stuart Greene, English

Trang K. DoHoang, Betty L.

Wildrick, Angela M. Williams

and Dawn A. Young,

Custodial Services

Patrick J. Fay,

Electrical Engineering

James K. Foster,

Preprofessional Studies

Mary E. Frandsen, Music

Matthew E. Fulcher and Dayle

Seidenspinner-Nunez, College of

Arts and Letters

Robin R. Hoeppner,

First Year of Studies

Patrick G. Holmes, Academic

Services for Student-Athletes

Thomas M. Kellenberg,

Washington, D.C.

Scott J. Kirner, Bart D. Loeb

and Michael S. Rafferty, Campus

Technology Services

Maureen M. Lakin and Jean C.

McManus, Hesburgh Libraries

Brian T. Lohr, Admissions

Julia J. Marvin, Program of

Liberal Studies

Tadeusz R. Mazurek, Classics

James J. McKenna, Anthropology

Janine E. Meersman, Associate

VP Undergraduate Enrollment

Arenda J. Murray, South

Dining Hall

Karen E. Richman,

Institute for Latino Studies

Karen P. Schneider Kirner,

Campus Ministry

David A. Smith, Psychology

Sergei Starchenko, Mathematics

Bernardine L. Stein, Customer

IT Solutions

Robert E. Sullivan, History

Anthony F. Sutton,

Sports Medicine

Lana M. Taylor, Office of

Campus Safety

Diannah R. Thibault,

St. Michael’s Laundry

Troy L. Tucker, General Services

Kathleen F. Werner, Romance

Languages and Literatures

Christina K. Wolbrecht,

Political Science


15 Years

John A. Blacklow, Music

David E. Campbell,

Political Science

Myra S. Chamblee,

Shared Services

Kay Ernsberger,

Preprofessional Studies

Marcia M. Erp,

South Dining Hall

Robert Fox and Patricia L.

O’Rourke, Hesburgh Libraries

Agustin Fuentes, Anthropology

Peter D. Holland, Film,

Television and Theatre

Romana C. Huk, English

Joyce Jodway, Huddle

Jessica N. Kayongo,

Hesburgh Libraries

Mark Kocovski,

Human Resources

J. Nicholas Laneman,

Electrical Engineering

Sara C. Liebscher, Development

Xinyu Liu, Physics

Carey Lohraff, Au Bon Pain

Nelson Mark and James X.

Sullivan, Economics

David T. Mayernik,

School of Architecture

Sarah E. McKibben, Irish

Language and Literature

Rory M. McVeigh, Sociology

Justin Moody, North Dining Hall

Scott C. Morris and Nancy

L. O’Connor, Aerospace and

Mechanical Engineering

Lucille A. Nate, Law School

Joshua J. Noem,

Alumni Association

Margaret R. Pfeil, Theology

Christina Ries, Institute for

Scholarship in the Liberal Arts

Holly Rivers, Kellogg Institute for

International Studies

Leigh A. Roberts, Payroll Services

Michael A. Roberts,

Radiation Laboratory

Innocent Rungenga, Morris Inn

Douglas A. Shoue,

Biological Sciences

Mark B. Thesing, Mendoza

College of Business

David Thornton, Library Law

Kara L. Turner, Registrar

Sau-Thi Vo, South Dining Hall

Nisa Wagner, St. Michael's



10 Years

Eishau S. Allen, Eric B. Amos,

Sherry Q. Johnson and

Christia L. Wolf, North

Dining Hall

Guadalupe Alvarez, Melissa

Clingaman and Canary

Wright, Custodial Services

Corey M. Angst, IT, Analytics

and Operations

Brandon L. Ashfeld,

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ann W. Astell, Theology

Brad A. Badertscher, Jeffrey J.

Burks, James L. Fuehrmeyer

and Brian R. Levey,


Zygmunt G. Baranski, Vanesa

A. Miseres, Marisel C.

Moreno, Sandra M. Teixeira

and Juan M. Vitulli, Romance

Languages and Literatures

Mary A. Beck,      

Student Affairs

Adam L. Beltran, Track and

Cross Country

Tracy C. Bergstrom,

Hesburgh Libraries

Robert J. Bernhard,

Office of VP Research

Constance M. Biegel,

Radiation Laboratory

Tobias Boes, German and

Russian Languages and


Paul R. Brenner, Center for

Research Computing

Lorraine Brown, Campus

Dining — Holy Cross House

Megan G. Brown, University

Counseling Center

Arnel A. Bulaoro,

Multicultural Student Programs

and Services

Mark A. Caprio and Antonio

Delgado, Physics

Roberto R. Casarez, Auxiliary


Timothy J. Cichos, Teaching

and Learning Technologies

Katherine M. Cinninger,



Lori A. Crawford-Dixon and

Clare D. Roach, Alliance for

Catholic Education

Richard A. Cross, Philosophy

Darren W. Davis and Susan

H. Rosato, Political Science

Erika Doss, American Studies

Rose M. Dvorak, Security

Scott Emrich, Computer

Science and Engineering

William N. Evans and

Michael J. Pries, Economics

David Galvin and Karsten

Grove, Mathematics

Pengjie Gao, Finance

Donald Grandison, Eck

Tennis Pavilion

Karen Graubart and Rory

Rapple, History

Ronald W. Grisoli,

Washington Hall

Chad E. Grotegut, Academic

Services for Student-Athletes

Marie D. Halvorsen

Ganepola, Management and


Barbara K. Henning, Campus

Dining — Corby House

Bradley M. Horner, Center for

Culinary Excellence

Judy L. Hutchinson, London

Undergraduate Program

Joseph A. Jeffo, Army Science

Brian J. Kirzeder, Accounting

and Financial Services

Teesha M. LaVine, Mail


Jennifer C. Lindzy,

University Catering

Susannah B. Monta, English

Dale M. Nees, Mendoza

College of Business

Rebecca G. Overmyer,


Charu C. Pant,

South Dining Hall

William J. Pedersen, Joyce

Center Technical Services

Jonie L. Phillipi, Morris Inn

Stephanie Pries,

Investment Office

Ronald W. Rose,

Customer IT Solutions

Robert A. Schulz, Tsuyoshi

Tokusumi and Yumiko

Tokusumi, Biological Sciences

Joshua Shrout, Civil and

Environmental Engineering

and Earth Sciences

Andrea L. Swanagan,

Office of Strategic Planning

Michelle Thornton,


Paul W. Turner, Teaching and

Learning Technologies

Janice Wade,

St. Michael’s Laundry

Michael A. Zenk,

Office of Research

Xuying Zhao, Management