August 2023 Service Anniversaries

The University congratulates those employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in August, including:

40 years

Prashant V. Kamat, Radiation Laboratory

Norma R. Kyles, Shared Services

Elizabeth L. LaCluyze, North Dining Hall

35 years

Cynthia L. Belmarez, Institutional Research, Innovation and Strategy

Gary H. Bernstein, Electrical Engineering

Kevin M. Corrigan, Men’s Lacrosse

David R. Hyde, Biological Sciences

Theodore E. Mandell, Film, Television and Theatre

Traci L. Morris, Custodial Services

Flint O. Thomas, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

30 years

James M. Ashley, Theology

Alexander Blachly and Daniel C. Stowe, Music

Patricia A. Blanchette, Philosophy

Andrew C. Gould, Political Science

Sandra M. Gustafson, English

Mark A. Houseman, Enterprise Application Services

Kathleen J. Kolberg, Preprofessional Studies

Martina A. Lopez, Art, Art History and Design

Elizabeth A. McIntyre, Custodial Services

Jeanne M. Meade, Mendoza College of Business

Gerard K. Misiolek, Mathematics

Dawn M. Moore, Huddle

Gabriel A. Radvansky, Psychology

Maura A. Ryan, Provost’s Office

Andrew L. Slaggert, Hockey

Barbara A. Wiggins, South Dining Hall

25 years

Carl B. Ackermann, Finance

Thomas F. Anderson and Elena M. Mangione-Lora, Romance Languages and Literatures

W. Martin Bloomer, Classics

M. B. Coughlin and Heather R. Russell, Division of Student Affairs

William L. Donaruma and Pamela Wojcik, Film, Television, and Theatre

Crislyn D'Souza-Schorey, Jeffrey S. Schorey, Kevin T. Vaughan and Patricia S. Vaughan, Biological Sciences

John M. Duffy and Susan C. Harris, English

Traig S. Foltz, Notre Dame Studios

Thomas E. Fuja, Electrical Engineering

Michael Gekhtman and Liviu Nicolaescu, Mathematics

Vanessa F. Henderson, Custodial Services

Shirley N. Kasalo, Investment Office

Janet A. Kourany, Philosophy

Vivian R. Lewis, Food Services, Corby

Suon Nen, South Dining Hall

Robert E. Norton, German and Russian Languages and Literatures

Candace M. Rassi, Student Accounts

Anthony M. Rolinski, Varsity Strength and Conditioning

Tami J. Schmitz, Campus Ministry

Amy K. Shirk, Law Library

Mark J. Vigneault, Physics and Astronomy

Sarah E. West, Chemistry and Biochemistry

20 years

Cristina Anderson, Campus Dining

Robert Audi, Philosophy

David M. Bartels, Radiation Laboratory

Julie Boynton and Anthony J. Polotto, Planning, Design and Construction

David M. Byrne, Building Managers

David Cavalieri, Engineering and Design Core Facility

Mayland Chang, Mijoon Lee, Shahriar Mobashery, Jeffrey W. Peng, Marta Toth and Sergei Vakulenko, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Clayton K. Cole, Film, Television, and Theatre

Philippe A. Collon and Edward J. Stech, Physics and Astronomy

Annette E. Eaton, Center for Student Support and Care

Carla Evans, South Dining Hall

Molly M. Fremeau, University Enterprises and Events

Julie Hart, Rolfs Aquatic Center

Amy Huber, Cedar Grove Cemetery

Amy N. Mason, Development

Sara L. Maurer, English

Margaret H. Meserve, History

Gabriel S. Reynolds, Theology

Dawn Siergiej, Women’s Soccer

John Slaughter, Engineering and Science Computing

Thomas A. Stapleford, Program of Liberal Studies

William Wozniak, Guglielmino Dining Facility

15 years

Maurizio Albahari, Anthropology

Riyadh Alhassan, Saint Mary’s Dining

Lori L. Berta and Amber L. Kirk, University Enterprises and Events

Zihni B. Bilgicer, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Ghada N. Bualuan and Hildegund G. Muller, Classics

Christine E. Burgess, Robinson Community Learning Center

Josephine A. Dickinson, University Counseling Center

Elizabeth A. Duffy, Alumni Association

Jeremiah P. Gillan, Irish Language and Literature

Patrick N. Griffin and Jaime M. Pensado, History

Kasturi Haldar, Biological Sciences

John M. Hastings, Office of Budget and Planning

Michael H. Hebbeler, Center for Social Concerns

David E. Hutchison, Finance

Kapil Khandelwal and Alexandros A. Taflanidis, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Bernard P. Kulemeka, Center for Zebrafish Research

Monica M. Laidig, Career Center

Kevin Lannon, Physics and Astronomy

Renee M. LaReau, Rahul C. Oka and Jason A. Springs, Keough School of Global Affairs

M. Matthew Leevy, IDEA Center

Ryan Lovelady, Investment Office

Michael J. Mannor and Jessica McManus Warnell, Management and Organization

Dieu Hien Nguyen, South Dining Hall

Michael T. Niemier, Computer Science and Engineering

Jennifer N. Parker, Hesburgh Libraries

Jason M. Ruiz, American Studies

Samantha L. Salden Teach, School of Architecture

James P. Schmiedeler, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Demetra C. Schoenig, Provost’s Office

Stephen F. Smith, Law School

Mara D. Trionfero Lucas, McDonald Center for Student Well-Being

Ernesto Verdeja, Political Science

Angela D. Wesley, Mendoza Graduate Business Programs

Abraham Winitzer, Theology

Diane G. Wright, College of Science

David S. Younger, Center for Ethics and Culture

Zhiyong Zhang, Psychology

10 years

Nicole L. Achee, Biological Sciences

Eugenio M. Acosta, Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate

Ettebong Asuquo and Cristina Chacon, Custodial Services

Timothy E. Balko and Craig R. Crossland, Management and Organization

Christopher G. Ball, Anthropology

Daniel W. Bardayan and Maxime Brodeur, Physics and Astronomy

Justin D. Barfield and Emily S. Beck, Art, Art History and Design

Melissa Berke, Amy E. Hixon and David Richter, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Breighan M. Boeskool, Investment Office

Sandra Bruce and Billie Jo VanKirk, Saint Mary’s Dining

Christopher Chowrimootoo, Program of Liberal Studies

Julie E. Cinninger, Morris Inn

Susan Collins and Matthew E. Hall, Political Science

AnneMarie Dawson, Music

Chad R. DeWeese, James Ng and Andrew W. Wendelborn, Mendoza College of Business

Beverly Dosmann, IDEA Center

Jacob A. Dowd, Utilities – Operations

Quinton Estes, Police

Leonardo Francalanci, Romance Languages and Literatures

Shankar Ganesan, Marketing

David Gibson, Ann E. Mische and Sarah A. Mustillo, Sociology

Perin Gurel and Thomas Tweed, American Studies

Kathleen Heyn, Psychology

Angeline Johnson, Alumni Association

Andrei Jorza, Mathematics

Sarah Joswick, Hesburgh Libraries

Michael Kackman and Mary C. Kearney, Film, Television and Theatre

Cynthia Karpovs, Gavin F. McGuire and Anne K. Wieber, Development

Laura L. Knoppers and Tim W. Machan, English

Ethan Lieber, Economics

Alan E. Lindsay, Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics

John McDonald, Joyce Center

Paula Meadows and Ashley Spann, Campus Dining

Lisa Michaels and Hermalena V. Powell, Mendoza Graduate Business Programs

Amy C. Mulligan, Irish Language and Literature

Daniel B. Roeber, Philosophy

Kathleen Schuler, CUSE

Matthew L. Sisk, Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society

Melanie L. Stephic, University Health Services

Denise Wager and Stephen Yelderman, Law School

Rochelle R. Watson, North Dining Hall

Timothy Weninger, Computer Science and Engineering

Kristi L. Wojciechowski, Notre Dame Research

Aviva Wulfsohn, Harper Cancer Research Institute

Yeonhee Yoon and Yongping Zhu, East Asian Languages and Cultures