August 2022 Service Anniversaries

The University congratulates those faculty and staff members celebrating significant service anniversaries in August:

45 Years
Cheryl L. Copley, Chemistry and Biochemistry

40 Years
Deborah A. Bang, Freimann Animal Care Facility
Patricia G. Laskowski and Anthony S. Serianni, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Steven A. Srmek, Rolfs Aquatic Center

35 Years
Sunny K. Boyd, Biological Sciences
Hsueh-Chia Chang, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Melissa L. Conboy and Cynthia L. Sykes, Athletics
Margaret L. Giles, Hesburgh Libraries
David S. Hachen, Sociology
Brenda K. Jones, Shared Services
Joshua B. Kaplan, Political Science
Lori M. Rush, Annual Giving Programs
Mei-Chi Shaw, Mathematics 

30 Years
Aaron B. Bales and Thurston D. Miller, Hesburgh Libraries
Gail Bederman, History
Jay B. Brockman, College of Engineering
Sean R. Bryant, Landscape Services
Danny Z. Chen, Computer Science and Engineering
Annette L. Feirrell, Food Services—Fatima House
Bradley J. Malkovsky, Theology
A. James McAdams III, Political Science
G. Felicitas Munzel, Program of Liberal Studies
Hugh R. Page, First Year of Studies
Susan G. Sheridan, Anthropology 

25 Years
Nora J. Besansky, Kristin M. Lewis and Jeanne Romero-Severson, Biological Sciences
Peter C. Burns, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Michael E. Connors and Maxwell E. Johnson, Theology
Monica A. Cundiff, Athletics
Andrew B. Deliyannides and Robert E. Sullivan, History
Patrick J. Fay, Electrical Engineering
James K. Foster, Preprofessional Studies
Robin R. Hoeppner, Center for University Advising
Patrick G. Holmes, Academic Services for Student-Athletes
Thomas M. Kellenberg and Christina K. Wolbrecht, Political Science
Julia J. Marvin, Program of Liberal Studies
Tadeusz R. Mazurek, Classics
Jean C. McManus, Hesburgh Libraries
Janine E. Meersman, Enrollment Division
Karen E. Richman, Institute for Latino Studies
David A. Smith, Psychology
Sergei Starchenko, Mathematics
Bernardine L. Stein, School of Architecture
Betty L. Wildrick, Custodial Services 

20 Years
John A. Blacklow, Music
David E. Campbell, Political Science
Peter D. Holland, Film, Television and Theatre
Romana C. Huk, English
Joyce Jodway, Huddle
Jessica N. Kayongo, Hesburgh Libraries
Mark Kocovski, Human Resources
J. Nicholas Laneman, Electrical Engineering
Sara C. Liebscher, Development
Nelson Mark and James X. Sullivan, Economics
David T. Mayernik, School of Architecture
Sarah E. McKibben, Irish Language and Literature
Rory M. McVeigh, Sociology
Justin Moody, North Dining Hall
Scott C. Morris, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Margaret R. Pfeil, Theology
Holly Rivers, Kellogg Institute for International Studies
Kara L. Turner, Registrar
James N. Vranish, Chemistry and Biochemistry

15 Years
Guadalupe Alvarez, Melissa Clingaman and Eishau S. Hamilton, Custodial Services
Eric B. Amos and Christia L. Wolf, North Dining Hall
Corey M. Angst and Xuying Zhao, IT, Analytics and Operations
Brandon L. Ashfeld, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ann W. Astell, Theology
Brad A. Badertscher, Jeffrey J. Burks and Brian R. Levey, Accountancy
Mary A. Beck, Student Activities
Adam L. Beltran, Track and Cross Country
Tracy C. Bergstrom, Hesburgh Libraries
Robert J. Bernhard, Notre Dame Research
Tobias Boes, German and Russian Languages and Literatures
Paul R. Brenner, Center for Research Computing
Megan G. Brown, Student Services
Arnel A. Bulaoro, Office of Associate VP for Student Development
Mark A. Caprio and Antonio Delgado, Physics and Astronomy
Roberto R. Casarez, Teaching and Learning Technologies
Richard A. Cross, Philosophy
Darren W. Davis, Anibal S. Perez-Linan and Susan H. Rosato, Political Science
Erika Doss, American Studies
William N. Evans and Michael J. Pries, Economics
David Galvin, Mathematics
Pengjie Gao, Finance
Karen Graubart and Rory Rapple, History
Chad E. Grotegut, Academic Services for Student-Athletes
Judy L. Hutchinson, Notre Dame International
Joseph A. Jeffo, Army ROTC
Brian J. Kirzeder, Accounting and Financial Services
Teesha M. LaVine, Mail Distribution
Vanesa A. Miseres, Marisel C. Moreno and Juan M. Vitulli, Romance Languages and Literatures
Susannah B. Monta, English
Rebecca G. Overmyer, Sociology
William J. Pedersen, Joyce Center Technical Services
Stephanie Pries, Investment Office
Clare D. Roach, Alliance for Catholic Education
Joshua Shrout, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Andrea L. Swanagan, Development
Michelle Thornton, Anthropology
Michael A. Zenk, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

10 Years
Maureen B. Baska, Career Center
Andrea L. Christensen, Institute for Educational Initiatives
Brittany Clark, Modern Market
Klaas J. Cremers, Finance
Justin Crepp, Physics and Astronomy
Bruce P. Critchlow, Landscape Services
Shari Deal, Food Services—Holy Cross House
Patrick Deneen, Gary Goertz and Guillermo Trejo, Political Science
John T. Fitzgerald, Theology
Mary Flannery, Economics
Rachel A. Fulcher-Dawson, Lab for Economic Opportunities
Andy Fuller, Strategic Communications
Kevin E. Fye, Keough School of Global Affairs
Frank A. Germann, Marketing
James G. Hassig, Police
Sharon K. Hayward, IT Strategy, Planning and Architecture
Elizabeth A. Henningfeld, Notre Dame International
Huy Huynh and Jennifer R. Waddell, IT, Analytics and Operations
Harold Johnson, General Services
Claire T. Jones, German and Russian Languages and Literatures
Michael P. Kitz, College of Engineering
Jun Li, Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Laurie E. Littlepage, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Laurie L. Mastic, College of Arts and Letters
Steven T. McClure, Alliance for Catholic Education
Collin McMillan, Computer Science and Engineering
Kate E. Morgan, Division of Student Affairs
Darlene A. Nowakowski, Office of VP for Mission Engagement
Admira Pasic, South Dining Hall
Michael Rippy, Snite Museum of Art
Charles Ristano, Baseball
Adrian V. Rocha, Biological Sciences
Rebecca Rutkowski, Registrar
Michael Sanders, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Joshua W. Seachris, Center for Philosophy of Religion
Brian J. Smith, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Elyse D. Speaks, Art, Art History and Design
Jeffrey V. Spoonhower, Film, Television and Theatre
Terri L. Sweeney, Psychology
Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi, English