August 2018 new employees


The University welcomes those who began work in August:


Michael Betts and Carrie A. Taylor, Huddle

Sara Boukdad, College of Engineering

Joseph F. Brinkman, Men’s Swimming

Stephanie E. Brown and Kelli T. Kilpatrick, Mendoza Graduate Business Programs

Anthony D. Bullock, Utilities—Operations

Tian H. Chen and Anthony R. Yard, North Dining Hall

Kathryn G. Cooper, Academic Services for Student-Athletes

Alexandria D. Davison, Financial Aid

Karen L. Dickens, Shaquisha Fairley, Kurt S. Gartner, Devon A. Jefferies, Jacob R. Juhasz and Yeshia Tillis, Custodial Services

Kiersten M. Eberle Medina, Kallie A. Kobold, Megan K. LaVoy and Gabrielle E. Pointon, University Counseling Center

Darby A. Evans, Alliance for Catholic Education

Kendra Foley, Wayne H. Pate and Rodney E. Zuyderwyk, Track and Cross Country

Katia T. Gammage, Food Services, Holy Cross House

Phillip V. George and Michael D. Mort, Radiation Laboratory

Daniel T. Glynn and Patrick J. Kramer, Football

Matthew R. Gregory, Biological Sciences

Baylee L. Hanlon, Notre Dame Research

Katherine M. Harvath, Athletics Media Relations

Makayla A. Jackmovich, Makayla M. Manta, Annette I. Moore, Diego A. Ravago and Courtney D. Taylor, Morris Inn

Tyonne M. Johnson, Robinson Community Learning Center

Taylor L. Kastrup, Athletics Ticketing

Caleb A. Keller, Office of VP—Finance

Matthew J. LaFlash and Thomas A. Scrace, Development

Lu Li, Engineering and Science Computing

Qing Luan, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Margaret M. Maloney, Women’s Swimming and Diving

Dana L. Mandell, University Band

Aubrey McDonough, Lab for Economic Opportunities

Lauren M. Melancon, Institute for Latino Studies

William J. Messa, Hockey

Gerard J. Olinger, Office of the President

Adam W. Pavkovich, Baseball

Matthew S. Perry, School of Architecture

Alexandra C. Sassano, User Services

Courtney S. Scott, Women’s Tennis

David E. Shaw, Physics

Craig A. Shepherd, University Catering

Jaime B. Signoracci, Notre Dame International

Rhonda S. Slusher, St. Michael’s Laundry

Bethann K. Smith and Meaghan L. Tague, Law School

Jenny C. Smith, CUSE

Mark A. Stevens, Keough School of Global Affairs

Theresa E. Swain, Mendoza College of Business

Janel M. Zakrzewski-Kuntz, Executive Education