Editor misses social interaction at work in, "Ask a Wellness Coach"


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Mary Shafer, Wellness Coach

NDWorks Managing Editor Natalie Davis Miller (pictured above) invited Wellness Coach Mary Shafer from the Wellness Center to answer some questions for this installment of Ask a Wellness Coach.

NDM: Here’s a struggle I am having since the shelter in place order: I miss the everyday interaction with my coworkers. I looked forward to seeing people, collaborating on projects, hearing about their families, having lunch together, walking to meetings together, that sort of thing. Do you have any suggestions for me?

MS: One idea is to schedule a Zoom lunch meeting once a week to be able to socialize and connect. I know of one team at Notre Dame that is scheduling a meeting at the end of the work week to discuss life/family/highlights of their week as a way to decompress. Our minds may be congested with anxieties of our circumstances, but the gift of technology allows us to connect and share the joys, kinks and comical moments of working-from-home life.

NDM: That's helpful. For our readers who may not have heard of it before, could you describe wellness coaching?

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MS: Wellness coaching accepts and meets you where you are today. With the wellness coach, you can address challenges and move forward by discovering what is important to you and why. A wellness coach creates a partnership with you, inviting you to take charge, while the coach guides and collaborates along the way. Together, we harness your strengths to overcome obstacles and discover opportunities for learning and growth.

NDM: We hear the term "self-care" in the media quite a bit. What is self-care?

MS: Self-care can look like anything that you desire. Exercise, reading a book, listening to music, trying a new recipe, chatting with a friend, meditation, crafting; just to name a few ideas. During stressful times, we as coaches highly encourage engagement in activities of self-care. At the core of our professional and personal lives, the demands they impose, is ourselves. It’s important to prioritize energy to cultivate you.


Please note...

People’s circumstances may differ and involve various challenges. If you find that the above suggestions may not work for you, that’s ok! You are welcome to reach out to a Wellness Coach for a coaching conversation. The Wellness Center offers Wellness Coaching opportunities to faculty and staff free of charge. If you are interested in making a (virtual) appointment please contact us at 631-2366.