April new employees


The University congratulates new employees who began work in April:

Bradley Allison and Michael B. Meyer, Turbomachinery Facility
Margaret Cabaniss, Center for Ethics and Culture
Daniela Carollo, Ryan L. Ketterer and Vinicius Moris Placco, Physics
Kelly S. Crow, Athletic Administration
Lisa Gallagher, History
Natalie Goss, Career Center
Deirdre Guthrie and Elizabeth L. Simpson, Kellogg Institute
Jasmine A. Johnson, Football
Garrett Kramer and
Caleb Rodriguez, Joyce Center Housekeeping
Chloe A. Leach and Joshua Weinhold, College of Arts and Letters
Shawn Maust, Marketing Communications
Grace R. Munene, Institute for Global Development
Leticia Ortiz and Maria J. Soto, Custodial Services
Brigitta Richmond, Off-Campus Programs
Christine M. Trail, Sacred Music
Colin Wilson, User Services
Katie K. Wilson, Volleyball