April 2018 new employees


The University welcomes the following employees who began work in April:


Russell H. Barker, Anthony D. Brown, Jaylon M. Glass, Christopher L. Harvey, Lynda R. Lewis, Wanda Morrell, Noah D. Niedbalski and Darrian M. Williams, Custodial Services

Ian J. Bures, Football

Flor Cisneros and Aaron K. Mcneal, South Dining Hall

Brian J. Dean, McGrath Institute for Church Life

Kazianna M. Dillard and Cherri L. McBain, Morris Inn

Amy L. Dozier and Lasena S. Reeves, Food Services, Holy Cross House

Diane C. Freeby and Meridith A. Hart, Alliance for Catholic Education

Leigh Handrigan, Office of VP—Finance

Andrea K. Howard, Financial Aid

John Koren, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jessica T. Lee and Kelly Mikel, Pre-College Programs

Lucy W. Macharia, Huddle

Brian Matthews, Golf Course Administration

Jonathan E. Miller, Hesburgh Libraries

Matthew Motolko, Planning, Design, and Construction

Neal A. Negron, Security

Christina Y. Parenteau, Campus Technology Services

Damian Perez Cespedes, Center for Research Computing

Karen S. Qureshi, St. Michael’s Laundry

Daniel Rohmiller, Office of Housing

Scott Scheible, GBP Career Services

Lauren E. Sinacola, Women’s Soccer

Jacob Sonner, Customer IT Solutions

Amy E. Staples, Development

Sireana Thomas, Navy ROTC

Annette M. Tysver, GBP Admissions

Margaret T. Vosters, Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures

Erin R. Winger, Marketing Communications

Daphne York, Notre Dame Research