Advisory regarding Eastern Equine Encephalitis in anticipation of Saturday's game


Mosquito Web

Sharon McMullen, director of University Health Services, advises that the campus community and fans in town for Saturday’s football game between the Irish and Virginia should take precautions against Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), a rare but serious mosquito-borne virus.

McMullen reports that no cases of EEE have been reported in Indiana, but there have been eight in southwest Michigan, not far from the Notre Dame campus. People younger than 15 and over 50 are at greatest risk of severe disease following infection. Symptoms include chills, fever, malaise, and joint or muscle pain.

She warns that anyone outdoors between dusk and dawn is urged to apply an insect repellent that contains 20 percent to 50 percent of the active ingredient DEET to exposed skin and clothing.

In addition to the use of a repellent, McMullen says there are other steps people should take to protect themselves include:

  • Avoid being outdoors at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Wear light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors.
  • Use nets and/or fans over outdoor eating areas.
  • Maintain window and door screening to help keep mosquitoes out of buildings.
  • Empty water from sites where mosquitoes lay eggs.

The Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore has added a supply of insect repellant for sale. For more information, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s EEE website.