Active Violence and Emergency Action Planning


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This message and the upcoming training described below include information about violence that may understandably be disturbing to some. Support resources are available to all faculty and staff who want them through the Notre Dame Wellness Center and to students through the University Counseling Center

As we’ve seen on an almost weekly basis this summer, active violence attacks on communities are a stark reality. These incidents often target public locations such as malls, restaurants and events like the Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, earlier this month. As we know, such violence also happens at schools and universities. The University of Notre Dame is committed to making campus as safe as possible — and it takes all of us working together to make it so. Preparedness through the reporting of suspicious activity or behaviors and through safety training programs are the best lines of defense. 

In collaboration with partners in the Office of Public Affairs and Communications, Risk Management, Human Resources and Student Affairs, the Notre Dame Police Department (NDPD) has prepared a narrated PowerPoint presentation on active violence and emergency action planning for all of campus. Faculty and staff will participate in this required training through Endeavor beginning this summer. Incoming students will be asked to complete this training before they arrive on campus this fall. This training will provide a foundation for active violence awareness and preparedness. 

NDPD will also offer in-person training for offices, departments, colleges and divisions upon request.  In-person training can be requested by completing this form.  Please contact Capt. Rob Martinez at (574)631-3089 or with any questions regarding in-person training.  

NDPD officers are highly trained and respond quickly to emergencies on campus; however, active violence situations typically unfold quickly. Mentally preparing, through training, for how you could respond if faced with an active threat could help you think more clearly in an emergency. The training encourages, among other things, situational awareness — such as looking for the exits when you enter a classroom, an arena or another public place and considering where you would go if an incident occurred. 

It’s important for each of us to be observant and to report anything out of the ordinary, even if you have limited information.

For example, contact NDPD:

  • If you see someone on campus carrying what looks like a weapon. 

  • If you notice an unattended package or bag. 

  • If you come across a barricaded door or exit.

  • If you notice someone exhibiting concerning behavior or a drastic change in their behavior.

When the situation is urgent, dial 911 from any campus line, or 574-631-5555 from your mobile phone. Anonymous reporting options are also available for situations that don’t require an immediate response.

Other resources on this topic including training videos are also available at As a reminder, the University of Notre Dame has a policy prohibiting firearms, explosives, flammable substances and other weapons of any kind on University property. 

Thank you in advance for your participation and support of this important initiative. Please contact with any questions.